U.S. History

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  • Age of Exploration: God, Gold, and Glory


    “ This engaging powerpoint will create a lot of in class discussions! Students will learn and understand the three main reasons of why England, Spain, and France explored the New World. Included after the powerpoint is a hands-on activity that has students sorting the reasons of why each country explored North America. Once sorted, they…

  • Introduction to the Thirteen Colonies | Activity | G.R.A.P.E.S


    “ Introduce the thirteen colonies to your students in a simple and informative way! First, students will identify and label each colony and then color the geographic region that colony is in. The students will then use the GRAPES (Geography, Religion, Achievement, Political, Economic, and Social Structure) method to figure out the characteristics of each…

  • Paraphrased Bill Of Rights/ 1-10 Amendments Poster


    “ These simple and printable 8 x 10 posters are perfect for bulletin boards or classroom decor for any social studies class! Each amendment is paraphrased so that students can understand each amendment better! —– Customer Tips: *Please follow me on Instagram, Tiktok and Pinterest : @ritchieinhistory *If you enjoyed this product, please look for…

  • Seven Principles of the Constitution Vocabulary


    “ This Seven Principles of the Constitution (popular sovereignty, republicanism, federalism, separation of powers, checks and balances, individual rights, and limited government) activity is perfect for students to learn and analyze each principle by rewriting the definition in their own words, drawing a picture to help with memorization, and writing a sentence to include the…